A Letter to a Believer

Introduction by Joshua Hall

Bahá’u’lláh composed thousands of letters, called Tablets, throughout the span of His ministry, ranging from weighty exegetical works such as the Kitáb-i-Iqán, to short writings such as the one below, offering encouragement, support or clarification. Most prayers which Bahá’ís know today were collected from letters like this, many of which later become heirlooms to the families to whom they were sent.

The following letter enumerates the virtues of one who has recognized the Manifestation of God, and includes a prayer for steadfastness in one’s love for God and in observing His laws.

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A Letter to a Believer

Provisional Translation by Joshua Hall

The Most Holy, the Transcendent, the Supreme

This is missive from Us unto him who attained to the light of the All-Merciful, after all that were heedless and doubtful had denied Him. Your name has been uttered before the throne, and that which elates the mind and causes the soul to take flight and soar has been sent down for your sake. He makes mention in His imprisonment of one who has turned toward Him, and verily His grace has embraced the entire creation.

How many a wise man who has failed to attain the presence of his Lord, and yet how many a mere lad who, having heard the divine summons, proclaims, “Here am I, here am I, O Lord of lords!” Blessed is the countenance that is set unto the divine visage, and the heart which is suffused with the effulgence of the Dayspring of inspiration.

Such as have taken a master unto themselves in place of God have assuredly followed their own vain delusions and have bowed in adoration before their idols, while believing themselves to be among the elite in the sight of Him Who is the Absolute, the Most Exalted. Say: God knows full well what lies concealed in men’s hearts, and with Him is the knowledge of all things in His Book.

Render praise unto God, insofar as you have attained to the choice wine whose seal has been opened by the fingers of divine might and dominion, and have been graced by the Days of His Dispensation; yield Him thanks for that the ink of the Pen of Revelation has flowed in your remembrance, on the part of Him Who is the Possessor of all mankind.


Confirm me, O my God, in such as Thou dost love, then ordain that my gaze be fixed upon Thee, that I speak forth in Thy name and proclaim Thy Cause amongst all creation. I am he who hath turned unto Thee and placed his trust wholly in Thee; make me, therefore, among those who have entered the tabernacle of Thy glory, who are resolute and unwavering in Thy Cause, and who are steadfast and constant in observing what Thou hast bidden them in Thy scriptures. Potent art Thou to do what pleaseth Thee; none other god is there but Thee, the Almighty, the All-Bounteous.

The divine Glory rest upon you, your father, your mother and all those in your midst, whether they be men or women. Praised be God, the Lord of all humanity!

La’áli’u ‘l-Ḥikma, Volume 3, Passage 85

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