Háfiz, Succor now in none I see

The following is my translation of a famous ghazal by Hafiz, one which, despite being well-beloved by readers of his original Persian, is not rendered into English nearly so often as his poems that concern love or allow mystical interpretation. Yet is it is a poem that is quintessentially Hafiz: melancholic, enigmatic, replete with allusions both literary and cultural, and poignant in the power of its expression.

Supplications by Bahá’u’lláh

The following is a collection of two-hundred provisionally translated supplications revealed by Bahá’u’lláh in Arabic, which, insofar as I am aware, have not previously been rendered into English. Although the number of prayers included in this compilation be plentiful, it is still but a small measure of that which Bahá’u’lláh revealed throughout the span of His ministry. These supplications, whether gleaned from Tablets enunciating the central principles of His faith or treasured in the lines of a personal letter to a devoted disciple, one and all display His matchless command of vivid imagery and illustration, His adept skill in metaphor and His unswerving love and devotion to God.

Eulogy for the Prophet Muḥammad


Praise be to God Who sent down from the heaven of signification the bounties of exposition, and Who made the fruits of knowledge manifest from the Lote-Tree of eloquence.
Exalted, immeasurably exalted, is He Who uttered a word which He made—to each its own station—a speaking book; a cutting sword; a luminous light; and a wondrous garden; and all did He bid to draw nigh thereunto. Those who have recognized Him have attained unto salvation, whilst those who rejected Him are accounted among such as shall perish in a perspicuous book….