The Reason for Creation

Tablet on the Reason for Creation

Revealed by Bahá’u’lláh

Translation by Joshua Hall

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Love was the reason for there being a creation, as stated in the famous tradition, “I was a hidden treasure, and loved that I be known, and thus created My creation that I might be known.” Therefore must all come together in the law of love divine such that no odor of dissension be diffused amid the friends and companions in God. Having set their gaze on love, all men shall act as one, such that disunion will be seen in none. All share in fortune and in ill, in profit and in woe, in hardship and in ease. It is Our hope that the breeze of unity be borne from the city of the Lord, and that He adorn all with the raiment of oneness, of love and of detachment.

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  1. Lorenzo Okfors says: Reply

    Most beautiful it moves the hearth and mind from dualism towards loving unity

  2. Pierre Spierckel says: Reply

    I’m translation it into French. I have a few questions. Can you get in touch with me ?

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