Prayer by the Guardian, for Solace

Introduction by Joshua Hall

The following is my provisional translation of a prayer composed by the Guardian in rhyming Arabic prose, quite moving in its effect and depth of emotion. In it, he beseechs God to solace the Friends, deliver them from their sorrows, and fulfill what He has promised them in His scriptures.

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Prayer by the Guardian, for Solace

Provisional Translation by Joshua Hall

O Thou Who art our Lord and Refuge! Do Thou banish our sorrows with the dawning light of the daystar of Thy noble promise, lighten our cares by sending down the hosts of Thy manifest victory, and illumine our vision by enabling us to behold the signs of Thy mighty Cause. Grant us, O Lord, such patience as is born of Thee. Open wide before us, O Lord, the doors of happiness and plenty; give us to taste of the sweetness of well-being; exalt us to a station Thou didst promise us in Thy books and scriptures.

How long shall this tyranny and oppression reign, O God? How long shall this injustice and aggression endure? Is there any safe haven beside Thee? No, by Thy holy mercy! Thou art, verily, the Protector of the downtrodden; Thou hearest the prayers of the bereaved. Grant that we attain unto Thy grace, O our Lord, the All-Glorious. Disappoint not our hopes, O Thou Who art the Desire of the worlds and the Most Merciful of all who show mercy.

From Nasá’imu’r-Rahmán

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