Eulogy for the Prophet Muḥammad

Introduction by Joshua Hall

The following is an beautiful tribute revealed by Bahá’u’lláh on the station of the Prophet Muhammad, Whose Dispensation endured for over a millennium. 

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Eulogy for the Prophet Muḥammad

Provisional Translation by Joshua Hall

Praise be to God Who sent down from the heaven of signification the bounties of exposition, and Who made the fruits of knowledge manifest from the Lote-Tree of eloquence.

Exalted, immeasurably exalted, is He Who uttered a word which He made—to each its own station—a speaking book; a cutting sword; a luminous light; and a wondrous garden; and all did He bid to draw nigh thereunto. Those who have recognized Him have attained unto salvation, whilst those who have rejected Him are accounted among such as shall perish in a perspicuous book.

I wish all blessing and peace upon the First Point revealed from the Mother Book, the first utterance manifest from the will of our Lord, the All-Merciful. He it is who was named Muḥammad in Malakút, Aḥmad in Jabarút, and in the Láhút, all the beauteous names and sublime attributes belong to Him, inasmuch as God hath made Him a mirror of His names, His attributes, His manifestation, His appearance, His revelations, His will and His behest.

He it is Who hath ever proclaimed the Divine Oneness, and hath ever spoken forth in the name of God in the realm of transcendence.

And (may blessings and peace likewise rest) upon His family and His companions, through whom the stronghold of exposition was reared in the contingent realm, and through whom the ensign of God’s Unity was exalted above all other standards. They are the servants whom God favored over all His creation, whom He made to be lamps amidst His lands, and hands of His Cause amongst His servants….

Mukhtarát min an-Naṣúṣi’l-Bahá’iyyah fí Bayáni Maqámi Muḥammad Rasúli’lláh, Passage Three

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